“(Christa’s) richly diverse professional experience and her impressive academic background, coupled with her solution-oriented mindset makes a highly effective business consultant.”

-Sabine Stolle-Dobrott, Alliance Management

“Michael has partnered with my company on multiple projects. I know that the success of the projects are in large part due to his determination, follow-through, attention to detail and positive attitude. I have no hesitation to recommend Mike for any project, position or professional endeavor.”

– Dr. Kevin Walsh, CEO, Global Community Enrichment

 “Over the past three years, I have had the privilege of working with Dr. (Christa) Ikona on various business related projects.  Every encounter I have had with Dr. Ikona she has embodied the qualities of a proven leader and award-winning executive.  Dr. Ikona’s relentless ability to do whatever it takes to get the job done was just the type of leadership we needed. I fully endorse, support, and will forever sing the high praises of Dr. Christa Ikona.”

-Dr. Clayton Johnson, Social Worker & Motivational Speaker

“Michael Ikona is like a walking encyclopedia of the best theories of leadership and management. Michael uses his depth of knowledge to make clear connections between problems and solutions. He's totally committed to helping his clients and his enthusiasm is infectious. I highly recommend Michael as a coach and partner.”

– Heather Ahlburn Emrick, Learning & Development Specialist

 “Dr. (Christa) Ikona and I worked together in different groups and under a lot of pressure. She was always supportive, willing to share her years of expertise, and open to feedback. Her leadership supported the goals of the team while encouraging    personal and professional growth.”

-Dr. Griselda Pineda, Strategic Business Consultant

“Michael is an excellent coach with strong strategic planning skills. He is also one of the most talented leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, Michael is definitely someone you should reach out to.” 

– Dale Green, President, Gideonsflight

 “Christa has an incredible background that combines results as a leader and academic credentials in the areas of organizational development, leadership, and performance. Combine that substance and experience with her training as a coach and advisor and you have a very tough combination to beat.” 

-Andrew Neitlich, CEO, Center for Executive Coaching

 “I highly recommend Michael Ikona to anyone who is looking for a diverse Organizational Development consultant with the knowledge and experience to back it up.”

– Dr. Anna Ponomarenko, Human Resources Consultant

 “What I like best about Michael was the fact that he took the time to understand the issues and decided on an approach to take. He did this quickly and ensured that all parties involved were on-board and had buy-in. He showed excellent leadership which in my experience is not always the case from an executive. I could tell he had multiple projects going on with multiple resources and he always had things under control. Definitely one of the best IT professionals I have ever worked with.”                                                                 

– Devin Wight, Supply Chain Architect


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