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Organizational Development

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual

– Vince Lombardi

Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate.  The rate of change often outpaces an organization’s ability to keep pace with it.  To survive, organizations are now in a constant change of change and ambiguity is prevalent.  According to Harvard Business Review, while change management tools are reasonably correct, managerial capacity to utilize the tools is severely underdeveloped.  Studies indicate: (1) corporate projects in the United States have an average cost overrun of 189%; (2) due to the increased complexity in change, 21% of change projects are cancelled prior to completion; and (3) 60%-70% of organizational change management projects result in failure.  The key to successful organizational change is the employees’ dedication to - and understanding of - the change effort.

In addition to using the latest organizational development tools (PMBOK, Agile, Six Sigma, etc...), Dr. Christa and Dr. Mike both have Doctorate Degrees in Organizational Psychology, which in reality, encompasses the human element of change in organizations.  While process in change management is essential, ultimately, it is the organization’s people who leverage the processes and company’s assets to achieve results.

SCG's expert approach on organizational development incorporates: (1) organizational culture; (2) best-business-practice project management tools and techniques; (3) organizational goals; (4) current and future state gap analysis; (5) risk management; (6) identifying the essential KSA’s required for change; (7) training and development utilizing empirical techniques; and (8) utilizing custom methodologies to keep employees engaged, empowered, working cohesively, and supportive of organizational change.

Organizational Development