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Leadership Development

Great leaders encourage leadership development by openly developing themselves

- Marshall Goldsmith

With globalization, diversity, interdependence, and the accelerating rate of change, organizations are placing more demands on leaders than ever before.  Studies indicate: (1) 82% of leaders are not successful because they fail to build partnerships with their employees and peers; (2) 10% of company leaders are ready to face the challenges of globalization; (3) 11% of leaders insure diversity and inclusion is incorporated into corporate strategy; and (4) only 14% of employees believe their leaders are ethical.  This evidence poses serious risks for leaders and their organizations.  Leadership development is essential for organizational prosperity.

SCG uses a collaborative leadership development approach by leveraging organizational culture, business objectives, and empirically tested tools to obtain maximum results.  Each client is unique, so each leadership development program is customized for increased effectiveness.  Developing leadership in an organization is an ongoing process and is measured through various metrics, viewed in context to organizational systems and processes, and aligned with long term organizational needs.

SCG utilizes only empirically tested tools and proven methodologies for leadership development.  These tools and methodologies include:

  • Connective Leadership – A 21st Century Leadership Model backed by 30+ years of empirical research. Connective Leadership is a behavioral model used to maximize the benefits of diversity and interdependence. This model can be used for individual assessments, 360 degree assessments, departmental or team assessments, organizational cultural assessments, job requirement assessments and aspirational future state assessments.

  • Strengthsfinder – A Personality Trait Model backed by 50+ years of empirical research and has been used over 11 million times.  Strengthsfinder identifies a person’s unique combination of strengths.  Employees and teams that use their strengths each day are six times more engaged on the job and 12.5% more productive.

  • Job Person Environment Assessment – A tool that provides information on: (1) the ‘fit’ between an individual and their job; (2) the support the job environment provides employees; (3) sources of energy drain and/or gain at work; (4) options for maximizing employee energy; and (5) the potential impact of employee work style preferences on relationship.

  • Over a dozen customized tools, models, and methodologies.

Leadership Development